greenMachine HDR Packages

The demand for more realistic and vibrant colors and enhanced dynamic range is ever-increasing. This creates a demand for broadcasters and media professionals to implement HDR solutions into their workflows to not only deliver enhanced content to the new HDR equipped displays, but more importantly to provide equally stunning content to the vast installed base of standard SDR displays.

Our HDR solutions offer advanced technology that is proprietary and patented. Powered by the greenMachine platform, our HDR solutions are like no other on the market today.

To see the difference we included our comparison benchmark on the right as a demo. The left video shows static LUT based HDR down-conversion, how it can be found in other products. The right shows our dynamic, segmented conversion with HDR Evie+™.
No supporting lights or reflectors have been used to enhance the natural lighting.

greenMachine ®
HDR Converter Packages

image of greenMachine broadcast signal generator with HDR Evie+ logo on screen

The HDR Evie+© package is the is a real-time segmented frame-by-frame broadcast-quality High Dynamic Range (HDR) to Standard Dynamic Range (SDR) converter, with frame sync supporting formats up to 4K UHD (3840x2160).
It's the world’s first system using advanced algorithms for sectional dynamic tone mapping which automatically analyzes 144 different sections of every image in HDR stream and applies optimal corrections on a frame by frame basis in real-time.

*HDR Evie+ package includes HDR Static constellation


Basic Functions

    • Local dynamic tone mapping (144 segments per frame)
    • 4K HDR to SDR converter
    • 4K frame synchronizer
    • Wide color gamut support
    • Local dynamic to global dynamic ratio engine
    • Global dynamic to static ratio engine
    • Automated scene detection engine
    • Basic audio & video test generators
    • Audio processing and metadata management
    • Video adjustment & color matching
image of greenMachine broadcast signal generator with HDR Static logo on screen

HDR Static is universal and adaptive in that it supports real-time static HDR conversion between SDR and HDR, HDR and SDR, as well as between different HDR standards. Sophisticated algorithms aid automatically applying color and contrast corrections across the specified images and content to deliver greatly enhanced images.
This is effective for fixed, predicable applications such as TV studio production or similar static light scenes.

HDR Static

Basic Functions

  • Static tone mapping
  • HDR > SDR, SDR > HDR & HDR > HDR conversion
  • 3G/4K Up/Down/Cross converter
  • 3G/4K frame synchronizer
  • Wide color gamut support
  • MADI in/out
  • Dolby E® decoders
  • Basic Audio & Video test generators
  • Audio processing & metadata management
  • Video Adjustment & color matching