greenMachine - simply the best

greenMachine® is a powerful and multiple-award-winning, 4K/UHD/12G multi-purpose processing platform. It is the ideal reconfigurable toolbox for studios, OBs, remote production and any other media facility that requires AV signal processing.

Compact, robust, and offering BEST IN CLASS functionality, greenMachine® is designed and manufactured in Germany…because innovation, quality and performance still matter.

  • Designed, manufactured, tested in Germany
  • Best in class functionality
  • 4K/UHD/12G
  • Mix and match applications
  • Try before you buy application licenses
  • Complimentary configuration & control software
  • Compact – ½ rack & redundant power supplies

Not quite sure if greenMachine is right for you?

We offer a “try before you buy” opportunity. You can try all configurations on your greenMachine hardware before you buy the licenses – just to make sure they are the right fit for your application.
Plus, our greenGUI complementary software interface provides the perfect simulation tool to try out – it will help you navigate, configure & control your system.

Included Features HDR Evie+© HDR Static 4K UPXD 3G UPXD 4FS
3G 4k 3G 4k
4k UHD / 3G Scaler
Deinterlacer Only on
Channel 1&2
Only on
Channel 1&2
Frame Sync
3G Level A/B
Basic A/V Test Generator
Audio Processing
Dolby E® Decoder
Metadata Management
Video Adjustments
Color Correction
Gain and offset only

Gain and offset only
Nova Control
HDR > SDR Conversion
SDR > HDR Conversion